Detox Day 5

brooke-lark-194254Oh boy! It’s a brand new year and I am on Day 5 of detox, the social media, personal device, rampant consumerism, terrible news cycle, and sugar kind. I can’t believe it’s Day 5 and I’m doing alright!

Let me back up. As I sat and thought about all I wanted to do last year and how I fell short, I decided some changes were needed. I have had a good, long time to think about these changes and was ready. Now, now…you may be thinking I did a lot last year, and while that is true, I know there are more valuable ways I could be living my life. Besides, while I want to live another 50 years with a good quality life to boot, none of us have that guarantee.

What’s that quote my friend Johanna has at the end of each of her emails? I believe it’s from Hunter S. Thompson:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

I have been known to spend (ahem, you can alternatively read that as “accused of spending”) entirely too much time online, combing through the same disgusting, horrific stories in the news, watching endless silly or heartwarming videos to lift my spirits because don’t we all need to?, and reading updates about the stuff other people were doing, instead of you know….just doing those things myself, whether those things were spending time with family, friends, learning something new, finishing the laundry room makeover, whatever… Now granted, Facebook is where I discovered that I love to write but overall the forum has become way. less. fun. Even the ads! Oh, the ads….endless ads for stuff I don’t need but thought I did. I’d get sucked in, and daydream about how a certain pair of flats were what I really needed to look pulled together. And if I looked pulled together, then SURELY everything else in my life would fall into place. Because that’s how life works. The perfect pair of flats solves everything.


Not to mention how I’d go to bed with my iPad on my nightstand, plugged in and ready to go at a moment’s notice. After I spent a couple of hours checking news and posts in the home office, I’d retire to bed to do more of the same until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. I’m pretty sure my eyesight has plummeted as a result, but the worse part? The worst part was pulling a muscle in my back doing this a couple weeks ago and then having to admit to some friends that that was why I was so stiff.

Really, Denise?

Not to mention all the articles that talk about how bad for you are the blue light emissions and electromagnetic radiation from these devices, before and while sleeping…  Last month I started to ramp down my usage by powering down my iPad before I slept. Now? I don’t even keep the iPad or iPhone in the bedroom. I let my biorhythm wake me up or use an old fashioned alarm clock now.  That was the first change I made on January 1. I’ve been coaching the kids about their devices, but they like to fall asleep to music. Gotta find a better alternative or just, ya know, parent like a boss…. (Yes, yes. I know that’s the right answer!)

The second change was trying to wean off Facebook. I alerted a couple of friends that I was doing it, so they didn’t wonder what happened to me since I’m otherwise a prolific user. I still ended up checking it every day. Man, that’s a tough habit to break! There are a couple of health groups and school groups that I should to monitor, so I suppose there is no getting rid of it forever. I posted only once during the week to one of those health groups, and then again this evening playing catch up on the birthdays I missed and feel bad about. Going forward I’m going to try to limit my Facebook activity to weekends, like a Friday night quick check and that’s it. This is no doubt inconsistent with some skincare products that I started to sell, which is most successful using social media as the primary sales platform. I find I am unable to bring myself to do it…which is rather telling about my commitment to that business.

Detox applies to the news too. Good Lord, it’s endless bad news. I am just sick over it (see Wake Me Up From This American Nightmare). There is only so much you can take in…so I’m trying to limit that too. It really isn’t serving me well. Besides, you’d have to be stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean not to know what’s going on these days.

The next big detox is that I’m trying my darnedest to not buy any clothes, shoes, or accessories for myself for at least a couple of months. I’m shooting for spring but hope I can go way longer. Honestly there is not one stitch of clothing I need. Not one. I don’t care how good of a deal it is, I don’t care if I’ve been searching for it forever: no. I have plenty of clothing I like that fits. Besides, I just purged half of my closet. I don’t need another gosh darn thing. Let me wear it out or let it fall off my body and then I’ll rethink the strategy.

Which leads to the next big thing: I adopted a ketogenic way of eating on January 1, which basically means cutting WAY back on the simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta, pizza dough, cookies, soda, etc., in favor of more protein and way more good fat. I’ve lived in this body long enough to know my liver needs a detox from the non-stop insulin it’s been producing for years now. I know I will feel loads better and frankly, I could lose 80-85 pounds at this point.

So yes, I’m waiting until my clothes literally fall off my body before I buy new.

So far so good. It hasn’t been as hard as I think. Each time I see leftover holiday candy, I think of what someone said to me, “Choose me, choose health.” However I’m kind of a Coke-aholic but I stopped drinking it once before and couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt. My legs stopped aching which was a big deal. I haven’t been insanely hungry this week but I do need some variety in what I eat, and that will come over time as I learn a different menu than what I’ve been used to.

But this week? Eggs and bacon for breakfast, water with lemon or tea with no sweetener at this point (don’t feel I need it anymore), salads for lunch except for the day I got a ham/swiss/guacamole sandwich and then promptly tossed the bun. Almonds to snack for now. Meats, veggies, and seafood chowder without potato and flour to thicken it for dinner.

I’m eager to see what this does for me. From what I see of the online groups that follow this way of eating (woe), the results are dramatic. Significant weight loss, eye-opening improvement in lab work, reduction or outright elimination of medication, powerful gains in self-confidence, huge improvement in skin tone and overall appearance, major increases in energy levels and cognitive function, much-needed healing in the body, and a sustainable and delicious woe that kicks the sugar cravings.

Luckily for me, I don’t have all of those issues. My labs are slipping but I don’t need medication other than some vitamin supplements to manage anything. Thank goodness for that! Sure, I could relieve some of the aches and pains and I would welcome anything that boosts my mood, energy level, and brain function. Not to mention how nice it would be – yes! – to be thinner, to do yoga again without my belly getting in the way.

The American diet is awful, and it seems to me that the carb/sugar-heavy diet of Eastern Europeans that I grew up eating definitely does me no favors. So stay tuned. Trust me, I’ll be leaping for joy if I drop even 20 pounds off this frame, let alone 80. That will take me all year, but I’m detoxing. This is it. This is the year! I’m an older mom to younger kids. I’ll be 60 years old when my youngest graduates high school. I intend to be the rocking hot mom at his high school graduation ceremony, and I want to jitterbug at my youngest grandchild’s wedding in 2067. That’s right. You heard me.

Five days isn’t much of a milestone, but here’s what has happened since the first of the year: I’ve written this post, finished a book I started in November, slept like a baby for the last three nights and remembered my dreams in detail, totally rocked two meetings at work, planned a birthday party, haven’t purchased anything but gasoline and lunch, cut my social media habit to a 10th of the time I used to spend, and maintained this new way of eating.

If you ask me, I just put five notches in the win column for all of it. Yeah, baby. Bring it!


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Author: silonda

I'm not your average Midwestern American woman: an older mom to three kids and married to a musician, hiding out in a small town. I’ve worked as a serious business professional my entire adult life but my soul is really an artist. Wonderlust (i.e., insatiable curiosity) and wanderlust lead me to read voraciously and travel often. The introvert in me likes to quietly observe and share what I discover through writing but buried inside is a pretty funny chick full of spunk and verve who is eager to come out and play. Deep thinking and feeling (all the feels) is my default mode and then I'll crack a joke about it. I’m constantly striving to cultivate whatever makes for beautiful and to love UP.

2 thoughts on “Detox Day 5”

  1. When I read Detox Day 5 I thought about body cleanse you are going through. Well, you are, but in a more broad way and in many aspects like mind detox, body detox, closet detox…We all need that. It takes A LOT of determination to stick to it. I have my goals as well but I haven’t been able to accomplish many of them. It is sad. I have too much on my mind, too many things that need to be done. Sometimes I think the reason I scroll through my phone before bed is not because I want to but because it helps not to think about my endless to-do list. I can’t, just cant turn off my brain. Meditation seems impossible for me. This year is going to be super hard because I have huge exams coming up and I’m determined to earn my professional designation (two actually) by the end of this year. It’s going to be tough. I’m slowly switching to having Donny put Oscar to bed at least twice a week so I could start studying while my brain can still function and my eyes are not heavy. But the truth is, I already miss those nights when I’am not the one putting him to bed. What if he’ll get used to it and then will want Daddy all the time and not me? 😦 This probably sounds silly but that’s how I feel. With your youngest you see things differently, especially when you know you are probably done having kids. It’s hard to admit but it is a completely different topic.
    In addition, I’m trying to take on a little extra work on a side. Who knows, maybe one day I will do it full time and will work for myself but for now it is the way for me to try it out. So between full time work, possible part time work, exams, dog, Donny, two kids and oldest playing sports all year round (I feel like a personal driver so it’s almost like another job) and still trying to find time to spend quality time with the family, travel, and then all the household stuff…oh man, it never stops. But you know what, I don’t want it to stop. I can’t imagine sitting still having nowhere to run, nothing to clean.
    Anyway, I guess I just wanted to tell you that I totally understand and support you and ended up rambling about my life.
    Happy New Year, Denise!!:) You are an inspiration to many people including me. Love your blog!

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