Missing: me

Honestly, it wasn’t even planned. It’s not like I consciously thought about taking a break from writing. I just stopped.


Which is incredibly weird because if you’ve gotten to know me, you know I definitely have things to say.

Mostly I have enjoyed puppy parenthood, immensely. Zoe will turn 1 this month, and her 5-pounds of pure wiggle greets me at the kitchen door every day after I come home from work. Even the kids don’t do that anymore. She is the perfect little addition to our home.

Actually we are all completely smitten by her. It’s almost an insult to call her our dog. She is this adorable little being who is every bit a part of our family as anyone else. I’ve said it before but it’s true: she is the most popular heartbeat in our house.

Eventually I will get around to writing more about her and the things I’ve learned over the course of the last several months, including things that have tested my courage, the bittersweet ways our family is growing up, the value of friendship, the paradox of privacy, and the way the nights of November bring forth a sort of life reckoning.

For now, I just wanted to break the silence and let you know I’m still around, still pondering life while trying to live it. I haven’t gone missing. Still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Hope all is well in your world, too.

Photo by unknown artist on Pexels

Author: silonda

I'm not your average Midwestern American woman: an older mom to three kids and married to a musician, hiding out in a small town. I’ve worked as a serious business professional my entire adult life but my soul is really an artist. Wonderlust (i.e., insatiable curiosity) and wanderlust lead me to read voraciously and travel often. The introvert in me likes to quietly observe and share what I discover through writing but buried inside is a pretty funny chick full of spunk and verve who is eager to come out and play. Deep thinking and feeling (all the feels) is my default mode and then I'll crack a joke about it. I’m constantly striving to cultivate whatever makes for beautiful and to love UP.

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