Introducing “Authentique”

Hey all!

I know. I’ve been absent for quite a while, well over a year. Everyone is ok in my world, so no worries there.

Truth be told, certain people didn’t like my opinions and it was best that I laid low. Quite ridiculous, over-the-top behavior on the part of other people given the benign content I send out into the world, but as we all know, there are certain people who need to feel powerful and it just wasn’t worth it to me to fight.

The thing is, living, laughing, and loving didn’t quite feel like what I was doing with my writing. Sure, we endeavor to do that with our life, but something was off about the phrase. It was certainly getting tired. Overused.

A TV commercial has been running in the United States, joking about Millennials who are turning into their parents. A class instructor/coach is talking to a Millennial about the “Live Laugh Love” sign she wanted to hang in her home. He made her throw it in the trash.

Dang. I knew that meant I had to retire the original blog name, “Live Laugh Love Louie”. What to do? What to do?

After thinking long and hard, “Authentique” it is.

God knows I have been learning how to be authentic over my lifetime and use my authentic voice, so a play on the word seemed like the perfect fit, especially now that the people who valued conformity from me more than anything are out of my life.

Stay tuned. This is a soft launch of the new blog and new direction. I’ve missed you guys. Hope you have stuck with me.

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